Hawk Avoids Hurricane By Taking A Cab

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As we all know by now, Hurricane Harvey has unleashed its fury on Texas, and cities like Houston are flooded. Like, Biblical-looking flooded. It’s alarming and has sent lots of people looking for shelter, including one Cooper’s Hawk that was like, fuck flying in this shit, I’m getting a taxi.


William Bruso is a cabbie in Houston, and, while driving his cab and preparing to hunker down to ride out the storm, had this hawk fly into his cab and make it very clear that he’s not going anywhere.

Bruso has been documenting their relationship on YouTube, starting with their first meeting:

Later, he tries to break up with the hawk, which he named Harvey after the Hurricane, but Harvey is having none of it:

In the following videos, you can see Harvey hunkering down on a perch by Bruso’s remarkably well-stocked home bar, where he sits by a jar of moonshine and eats chicken hearts, pretty much what most of us end up doing during natural disasters.

Illustration for article titled Hawk Avoids Hurricane By Taking A Cab

Eventually, Harvey ended up being taken by the TWRC Wildlife Center, who found that Harvey was, in fact, injured, and would not have survived the storm had it not been for Bruso’s kindness and willingness to share his cab, home, and chicken hearts.

That’s a fine thing you did for bird community, William. You’re never going to have to buy your own worms in Houston ever again.

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It’s really nice to hear some heartwarming, feel good stories when everything else around seems to be running afoul.