Hawaiian Chevy Dealer Attempts To Crush Honda With Suburban, Fails

A Hawaiian Chevrolet dealership setup a jacked-up Suburban to crush a vintage Honda Accord to send a message to anyone buying Japanese. The message became somewhat cluttered when the tiny Honda broke the SUV.

James Severtson, the general sales manager of Island Chevrolet in Hilo, Hawaii, hired a Chevrolet Suburban monster truck to drive over a used Honda Accord before a large crowd in order to highlight the importance and strength of American automakers. Instead, Severtson highlighted domestic quality issues when the truck blew a hydraulic hose and started leaking fluid after its first pass over the Accord. A few hours later the truck was repaired and the Accord, which proved to be too tough a competitor, was replaced with a Hyundai Excel.


This time it went off without a hitch. Let that be a lesson to you. If at first you don't succeed go to the White House for help try, try again.

[AP via Reflector.com]

Photo Credit: AP Photo/ Hawaii Tribune-Herald, William Ing

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