CBS just gave the green light to 5-0, a reboot of classic island cop show Hawaii Five-0 written by the team behind the recent Star Trek revival. Better news? Jack Lord's actual '74 Mercury Marquis is making an appearance.


The original Hawaii Five-0 followed Jack Lord as Detective Steve McGarrett — head of an elite state police unit who'd fight the most dangerous criminals in the tropical paradise while simultaneously looking awesome in a giant black Mercury Marquis Brougham. The remake 5-O features Alex O'Loughlin as Garrett's son, who is also a former Navy SEAL and son of the provisional governor of Hawaii.

The plot isn't important. All we need to know was spelled out in a Honolulu Advertiser article about the pilot:

The new version of "Five-0" follows the creation of an elite police unit, led by a younger McGarrett, son of the original top cop, so it would hardly be possible to refer to the car's role in the previous series without some kind of funky flashback. Instead, the car has a place in the current story.

When McGarrett, a former Navy SEAL, returns to Hawai'i at the beginning of the pilot, he finds the car in storage. It had belonged to his late father and needs fixing up.

The car is seen again at the end of the pilot, and McGarrett is tackling the project.

Even better, the show ends with the new McGarrett saying "Book'em Danno."

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Photo Credit: Doug Harley

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