Haven’t You Ever Seen a One of Ten Corvette Wagon?

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Although Corvettes are the stuff of sports car legend, they are also the frequent recipients of questionable interesting modifications to produce what the factory didn't. This particular example is a unique interpretation of the Corvette wagon that never was.

Found for sale on Hemmings.com, this strange and rare Corvette wagon is certainly something you don't see every day. The Corvette wagon or, if you prefer, Corvette shooting brake is advertised as being a 1 of 10 car. We aren't sure if anyone actually built 10 of these cars in one place, but a kit to convert your corvette into a wagon with or without side windows was offered through Eckler's Corvette Parts in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. This is likely how the Corvette wagon you see here came into existence. In the late ‘70s the Greenwood Company teamed up with Eckler's Corvette to produce a more popular wagon conversion kit for rubber bumper (1974+) Corvettes.

While we aren't sure exactly how this Corvette came to be a wagon, but we are pretty confident that it was not built by GM. This makes it a little hard to understand the staggering asking price of $125,000. Perhaps it is a typo, or perhaps the seller has rock solid documentation showing that this Corvette was indeed put together by GM. The ad for the Corvette wagon is short on details about the car. Aside from the one of ten production claim, it mentions the Corvette wagon is a 350/Automatic and leaves you with the impression the seller is quite fond of the car. Whatever the back story is, it is interesting to see what might have been if GM chose to put together a Corvette wagon in the early '70s.
[Hemmings.com via Hemmings Blog]

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Scorpio GTX1

Reminds me of this.

It's also a Corvette (underneath).