Haunted Z-Car Saved In Unintentionally Hilarious Japanese Chase Scene

What would you do if a crazy girl tried to drive your buddy's Z-Car off a pier because it killed her brother, a guy who coincidentally shares the same name as your buddy?

Don't laugh. Things like that can really happen. At least they do in Wangan Midnight: The Movie, a live-action adaptation of the famous street racing manga and anime of the same name.

Wangan Midnight follows a group of street racers who illegally race each other up and down Tokyo's Shuto Expressway Bayshore (Wangan) Route. Think "Initial D," except instead of drifting on mountain roads, they're racing in excess of 100 mph on traffic-filled freeways. Sounds totally safe, right?

The movie isn't very good, but it's fun because it includes this one absolutely ridiculous chase scene.

Here's the setup: Ambitious young street racer Akio Asakura obtains a dark blue Fairlady Z (or Datsun 240/260/280Z to us ‘Murricans) that he plans to race up and down the Wangan. But it's no ordinary Z – this car is known as The Devil Z because of its extremely powerful racing engine and tendency to kill its owners. That's right, boys and girls – this is the world's first (and possibly only) haunted Datsun.


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