In a move designed to appeal to millennials (a term now used so widely that it has become practically meaningless), Lexus is trying out a negotiation-free price program.

Jeff Bracken of Lexus said, “We know from some of the research that we do that there are a lot of young folks that are not so intrigued by the traditional negotiation process, and even a group of folks that just don’t even want to go in the dealerships.” Finally, the self-professed introverts of the internet have one fewer human interaction to deal with.

The Lexus press release detailed the brand’s other plans for changing their sales strategy to focus more on “women, millennials, and minorities.” It goes on to say:

To help build better relationships with our female guests…and I can tell you I’ve needed a lot of advice from the women I work along with, including our agencies and diverse internal team members, to create meaningful initiatives that resonate with our buyers. For example, hosting ‘Ladies Night Out’ themed events that provide a relaxing setting to learn more about Lexus vehicle technology.

We also designed events to resonate with women by connecting our dealerships with communities, like: Child Safety Day... Safety for Female Drivers... and Car Seat Installation Days.


As a woman, these events make me want to buy a car... absolutely not at all. But hey, I guess that’s why they make sales and I make videos about remote-control hot dogs:

[via The Washington Post]

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