Has Your Ram's Axle Randomly Locked Up? 287,945 Old Trucks Recalled

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Ram thinks about 287,945 half-ton pickups built in 2005 may have a "loose axle fastener" that could cause the rear axle to lock unexpectedly. The recall they're issuing is "voluntary," so it can't be causing them too much panic. But if you've got a ten-year-old Ram it's probably worth checking into.

FCA US LLC is voluntarily recalling an estimated 287,945 older-model trucks globally to install a retainer designed to prevent an axle fastener from loosening.

Certain pickups were assembled with a fastener that may loosen and, if not serviced, could lead to rear-axle lock-up. This condition may contribute to a loss of control. The Company is aware of one injury and three accidents that may be related.

This condition is limited to Dodge Ram 1500 pickups from a single model year – 2005. An estimated 256,956 are in the U.S.; 21,779 are in Canada; 8,802 are in Mexico and 408 are outside the NAFTA region.

Affected customers will be notified and advised when they may schedule service, which will be performed free of charge. Underbody noise may serve as a precursor to the condition. Customers are advised to report any such noise to their dealers.

Customers with additional questions or concerns may call 1-800-853-1403.

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I i had a friend whose did. He replaced it himself with an 04 axle. Wonder if he could be compensated?