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Is there anything worse than offering to buy a car left out in a field, getting refused by the owner, and then seeing it rot away?


Every so often you find a car that's being neglected, and is just sitting in a backyard or a field. Sometimes the owner will practically pay you to tow it off the property. Sometimes the owner stubbornly refuses to let the car go, and holds onto it until the thing's bitter end.

Supercharger-Heaven saw something similar when he found a Japanese car collection that had turned into a tomb. It reminded Bad72AMX of a similar experience.

This is all too common. One of the worst I've heard was an AMC hoarder in upstate NY. He had about 60-70 cars he purchased from used car lots when they were fairly new. Instead of warehousing them or even parting them out, he parked them in a fenced in field.

He refused to sell cars or parts, and the few pictures taken were from people tresspassing because he wouldnt even allow visitors. A few years ago, he was given a demand from the county to clean up or they would fine for having an unlicensed junk yard and they would scrap.

At this point, he made a very limited attempt to outreach to AMC enthusiasts. But, he wouldn't sell parts and he wanted thousands for unsalvagable sedans that wouldn't be worth much more in excellent condition. Instead of selling a single car for a reasonable price, he waited and the county's contractors came in and scrapped the entire collection. 


Bad72AMX had a few more heatbreaking stories you can read here, but we're curious, have you ever tried to save a car from rotting in a field, only to be refused by a disillusioned owner?

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