Harrier Has Stuck Nose Gear, Lands On A Stool, Pilot Is Awesome

They say Harrier pilots are some of the best in the world as the aircraft is notoriously hard to handle in hover. This video is further proof that this statement is true. Talk about nailing it!


Note to Lockheed Martin: Build custom nose stool for the F-35B!

Thanks to alert5 news blog for posting this!


Reborn Pyrrhic

When a landing gear gers ripped on one of our Chinooks we make a platform of railroad ties or pallets, then throw some soft cushion on top (smelly old barracks mattresses work), and have the flight engineer guide the pilot to land on top of it.

Happened once in Korea when our battalion commander landed an aircraft on a taxiway rated only for light single engine aircraft. The landing gear went through the concrete and the crew ahd to fly it back to base with the landing gear dangling by only the strut top bolt.