Harley-Davidson's Pan America Adventure-Touring Concept Is On A European Tour

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Photo: Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson has been struggling to find new, younger buyers. As a part of its initiative to reel in new riders, the Milwaukee company is venturing into categories it isn’t known for. The Pan America adventure-touring motorcycle is one of the bikes slated to be released as part of this initiative. The good news is that the Pan America has been spotted touring dealerships in Europe, with some supposedly taking orders already. 

Admittedly, I absolutely adore the looks of the Pan America. To me, it looks like the kind of motorcycle a Space Marine would ride. For some, that may actually translate to “it’s ugly.” At least in terms of looks, it’s definitely the kind of motorcycle I’d be willing to buy new.

Photo: Harley-Davidson

COVID-19 hit the company hard, so its new motorcycles — originally slated for release this year — had to take a pillion seat. The Bronx streetfighter appears to have been delayed indefinitely, while the Pan America is now on track for a 2021 release. So while you may not be able to swing a leg over a Bronx soon, if ever, it does appear the Pan America is blazing a path to showrooms. I hope we’ll get to ride it soon.

To my eye, it appears from the sightings in Europe that not much has changed since we last saw images of the Pan America. Of course, the model being shuffled around dealerships is marked as a prototype, so changes can still happen between now and the time it reaches showrooms in production form.

Still missing at this time is a very important number: price. However, we will update you with all the details when we have them. Let’s hope Harley-Davidson doesn’t price it into the stratosphere.

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I dont understand who this motorcycle is for. If its supposed to entice people off a BMW GS then it has to do something better than a GS.

Will it be better off-road? Not likely and its definatly not going to be better than a KTM

Will it be better on-road? Extreamly unlikely and its not going to be better on-road than a Ducati multistrada

Will it be cheaper? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... no

Will it have a nicer fit and finish? From what ive seen on Harleys so far also not likely.

Will it have amazing specs? I dont se it getting close to the GS.