Harley-Davidson: Only Guy On Chatroulette Not Jerking Off

In a landmark social media marketing achievement, Harley-Davidson has become the only male user of Chatroulette to not be caught masturbating in front of his web cam. How'd they manage such a momentous achievement? With cardboard.

Chatroulette is a website that allows users to cycle through live webcam chats with complete strangers. As you'd expect and as proven beyond a reasonable doubt by this South Park clip, it's almost exclusively used by perverts who hope that women and children will momentarily catch a glimpse of them jerking off before closing the window.

Harley-Davidson's German ad agency thought it'd be a great idea to grab a piece of cardboard, scrawl "Sorry, I'm On the Road" on it and use it as a little bit of free advertising to the lucrative internet pervert demographic. Success? Sure. Good work. You've succeeded in exposing countless dozens of wagging penises to your ad. [via Bikes In The Fast Lane]

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