Harley-Davidson Is Trying To Lure In Youths By Giving Interns Free Bikes

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Harley Davidson, a motorcycle company struggling to connect with young people, just announced what sounds like a dream internship for any college student. Eight lucky millennials will get free motorcycles and riding lessons so they can travel around the country social media-ing the shit out of their Harley.

The whole thing sounds like a boondoggle of the most epic proportions. “Instead of a key card,” Harley-Davidson writes in its press release, “eight social media savvy collegians will get the opportunity to learn to ride via Harley-Davidson’s Riding Academy.”


After that, those students will get their own motorcycle “with the mission of sharing their experiences, exploring motorcycle culture, and enjoying the freedom of riding all summer long.”

The whole point is to get more folks into Motorcycles, with the company’s CEO saying:

What better way to engage future riders than to have a whole team of newly trained enthusiasts share personal stories as they immerse themselves in motorcycle culture and community – all while gaining marketable career skills. I’m looking forward to following their journeys, learning about their experiences, and seeing them out on the road.

The youngsters will work in Harley-Davidson’s marketing and social media groups as they participate in the company’s Riding Academy and cover other events around the world. Some of those events, Harley-Davidson writes, include be the company’s 115th Anniversary bashes in Prague and Milwaukee.

So if you’re a college junior, senior or recent graduate over the age of 18, and—crucially—you’re a “socially savvy storyteller” whole wants to ride bikes and type hashtags, you’ll want to apply for this internship.


Just be careful. God would it suck for Harley if any of these eight new riders dropped their bike. #ouch.

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