Harley-Davidson Is Making An Electric Motorcycle

Harley fanatics are about to lose their collective shit. The crew from Milwaukee is going to show off its first electric motorcycle tomorrow, causing scads of chap-wearing dentists to revaluate their alternative weekend lifestyles.

The video above finally confirms the rumors that have been circulating for the past 24 hours.


A Scarlett Johansson stunt-double was caught on the set of the next Avengers flick riding a Harley-badged electric bike. And as pointed out by Visor Down, the build appears spot-on for a street-legal bike.

The pre-production motorcycle has everything necessary to meet U.S. safety standards, including mirrors, front and rear reflectors, a massive rear tire hugger, and off-the-shelf braking bits. If this was just a prop, they wouldn't bother. And these "spy shots" are obviously very suspiciously timed.

We don't have any specs yet, but based on the size and style, we're guessing Harley's e-bike will be more in line with the Zero SR rather than the Mission RS.


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