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Happy Labor Day, From Our Laborers To Yours

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The blogging callouses on the tips of my fingers are throbbing, and that can only mean two things: it’s either time to elect a new Pope, or it’s finally Labor Day.


It’s an important holiday for we Americans, especially here, where we’re proud members of the Writers Guild of America East. So we unhinged the shackles, cracked open the sensory deprivation units, and let our wary, bleary-eyed writers out to wander in the sun for a whole a day. (Don’t worry, we take the safety of our staff very seriously. All Jalopnik staff are outfitted with military grade geo-tracking tags and will be rounded up again well before Tuesday.)

In the mean time, we’ve got some fresh content for you, but peppered in today are some of our favorite stories, videos and reviews from 2019 (so far) that we think you might enjoy during today’s celebration of the worker.


So whether you’re hiding in the glow of your phone at a BBQ, being forced to work, or just having one day of blessed silence before counting down to the next federal holiday, you still have plenty to read here on Jalopnik. Go ahead, put your feet up, and marinate in the cars.

Especially if you’re being forced to work right now. Read Jalopnik on company time. You’ve earned it.

Managing Editor of Jalopnik.

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