Hand-Made Bentley replica is a geek gearhead's dream build

What happens when technology meets enthusiasts' basement carbuilding? You get stuff like this Bentley Speed 8 replica, which a mad Swedish genius has been scheming, programming and constructing under cover of a Northern European winter. Now it's in the daylight.

He 3D laser-scanned a 1:18 scale model of the Le Mans Prototype, built a tube frame and added a corporately-correct worked 4.2-liter Audi V8. That almost makes it sound easy, doesn't it? Actually it looks like an expensive and complex geekfest. A massively cool geekfest, showing amazing vision, outstanding motorsports aesthetics and dedication to awesomeness, but a geekfest nonetheless.


We can't wait to see it when it's painted up and finished.


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