Ham Cramwich: $25,000 Of Communications Gear In A $500 Car

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Ham radio appears to be more of an addiction than a hobby to the seller of this $500 Dodge. Every surface is covered with $25K in communications equipment for every conceivable band (FM/UHF/HF/VHF/SPACEMAN). A gallery of technological affliction below.


The equipment seems to cover an amazing array of technologies, many of which seem to be redundant. For instance, just how many handheld 144 MHz radios do you need? It seems like the owner of the Ham Car is capable of listening to every police/fire/ems/military channel in the world. Simultaneously. There's a laptop and we assume there's some form of cellular or satellite communication setup for that, too.

Keeping all of this equipment running is almost certainly some form of secondary power source, dozens of antennae and extreme paranoia. There's no reason given for the sale, but we assume he or she realized there's no point in being able to communicate with the world if you have no one to talk to.

So there's a lot of stuff here we can identify, but there's a lot here we can't. Anyone out there a communications junkie who wants to help us out?

Update: Turns out the guy has a CarDomain page with some more amazing pictures. It's got hydraulics!
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