Half Of Acura Walk-Aways Hate Its Newish Nose

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Acura's aggressive "keen edge" beak-like front fascia design, launched in mid-2008 with the 2009 TL, is a love-it-or-hate-it look. And oh, how it was hated. That styling is the single most-cited reason shoppers walked away from the brand.

Acura executives defend the styling of its newish noses, seen most prominently on the gargantuan shnozzes of the TL sedan and ZDX crossover. But consumers aren't of that same belief.

Unappealing exterior styling was the most-cited reason by far that shoppers walked away from Acura, according to the 2010 J.D. Power Avoider Study.


Almost half of Acura avoiders cited that reason, far above the industry average and well above most premium brands. Even worse news? The No. 2 reason for not buying an Acura? Interior styling.

Ouch. That smarts almost as badly as a peck in the back of the head from a bird with a giant beak.

[via AutoNews]

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