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H2Oi Was 'Unofficial' But Hundreds Showed Up And The Cops Ticketed Everybody

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The beautiful disaster that is H2Oi has made its annual unofficial appearance once again. After being cancelled and moved to Atlantic City, car enthusiasts still show up to Ocean City, Maryland every year for a week-long party and what has been bestowed the honored title of most ticketed car show of all time. This year, H2Oi did not disappoint.


H2Oi is known for its Instagram-famous cars that also happen to be illegal, given the fact that the cars are too damn low and have a hell of a lot of stance. This is the show where folks just whipping out a burnout in front of cops for the hell of it.


This year, the cops wised up to the whole “people are going to show up here and cause a ruckus no matter what” deal. According to, law enforcement started patrolling social media for warnings on where the meetups would be, which meant they also ramped up law enforcement for the big day.

They threw together a thing called the Special Event Zone, which was intended to keep the cars all in one handy place, under the watchful eye of a very visible local law enforcement. Which meant that H2Oi saw 46 cars vehicles towed, 79 arrests, 1300 traffic citations, and 836 traffic stops, often with more than one citation given at a time. In other words, it was something of a hot mess. Again.

Here’s a list of some of the fines you could rack up during the weekend:


I can’t imagine why anyone would expect anything less from an “unofficial” car show, but the car folks keep showing up in droves, anyway. All I can say is, y’all played yourself in the most spectacular way possible. But, given that some of the folk who turn up bear their citations as a badge of honor, I guess I can’t fault ‘em.