Gymkhana 8: Ken Block Invades Dubai With Drifting In Gorgeous Insanityfest

Finally, we get to see Ken Block hoon his spectacularly reflective flame-spitting Ford Fiesta through Dubai. Gymkhana 8 makes plowing through sand an art form, puts a Raptor on two wheels, and shows us the single best use of Dubai’s insane collection of police supercars I’ve ever seen. Oh, and there’s a plane.



There’s something intensely satisfying about this Ford Fiesta rally car putting every supercar to shame in this film. Block’s nimble hoon-pod of a car runs actual circles around the hard-parked supercars of Dubai. Of course, it’s hard to compare a purpose-built rally beast to a road car, but cars are meant to be used.

Dubai’s seemingly empty streets provide the perfect background for Block to go nuts. Everything is so well laid out and orderly—too orderly. Clearly, they need Ken Block to rip through everywhere sideways.

Best of all, each Gymkhana film seems to raise the bar for vehicular lunacy and grand cinematography just a notch above the last one, and with its big, sweeping views of one little car tearing it up in Dubai, Gymkhana 8 does not disappoint.

Bonus: we get a sneak peek of the Gymkhana 9 hoonmobile at the end. Check out the new Ford Focus RS RX in all its eggtacular render glory.

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Fitting song at the end.