Guy With Trailer Driving Neighbors Crazy Turns Mailbox Into Ultimate Trolling Machine

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Back in August, we told you about a guy with a racing hobby and his white, 25-foot trailer he uses to support that hobby. That trailer was also driving his neighbors batshit, because this guy lives next to people who, somehow, can’t deal with seeing a pretty innocuous white trailer. As a subtle way of letting everyone know he DGs any Fs, the owner turned his mailbox into a tiny replica of the infamous trailer.

That mailbox warms my heart.

The mailbox was presented to the world on Misunderstood Trailer, the Facebook page of, I believe, this misunderstood trailer.


Just to recap the story, the man, Mark Panther, parks the white trailer in his driveway, and lives in an area with no HOA or any other sort of legal restrictions that would prevent him from parking his own trailer in his own driveway.

Some neighbors have taken issue with his trailer and have circulated petitions, among other actions, to pressure Panther into removing the trailer. One neighbor even said of the trailer:

“The visual of pulling into our cul-de-sac with this big wall of white in the way is horrible.”

It’s just a trailer, people. He didn’t make a pyramid of skulls.

Things are pretty heated. Which is what makes this subscale trailer mailbox – complete with LED marker and position lamps – so wonderful.


Mailboxes. The front-lines of real-world trollery.

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Stand by original assessment: this guy and his neighbors are still dickholeS.