What’s remarkable about this video of a shirtless guy riding on a car hood in a Michigan winter and then falling off when that car hits a cop car is not the events that happen, it’s the look the driver gives the cop.

The excitement happened in Shelby Township, just north of Detroit. The two men involved are brothers, either in the middle of some altercation or a poorly-planned TJ Hooker hood-riding tribute lap. It looks like the driver, distracted by his shirtless brother blocking his forward vision, drove right smack into the front of a police car, which was stopped with its blue lights on and everything.


It was a relatively low-speed impact and no one was really hurt, but it did dislodge the grille of the guy’s Chrysler and cause a bit of other damage. But here’s the best part — look at the look the driver gives the cop after he hits him:

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That’s like the archetypal “buddy, what the fuck” look you’d give someone when they slowly back into your car. It’s a look that says “What the hell are you doing parked the wrong way on the street? Can’t a guy drive with his shirtless, agitated brother on his own goddamn hood anymore? I’m sorry, but I thought I lived IN AMERICA!”

The way he gestures at his bashed-in front like, somehow, it was the cop’s fault that he drove into him. It’s so good.


I sort of want to know if this little incident brought the brothers closer together, bound in mutual anger at these stupid cops, making people run into their cars.

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