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Guy Steals Car From Taco Bueno Parking Lot Minutes After Applying For A Job There

Illustration for article titled Guy Steals Car From Taco Bueno Parking Lot Minutes After Applying For A Job There

A Texas man went into his local Taco Bueno to apply for a job on Tuesday night, but left with something even better. Temporarily. The hopeful job applicant walked out of the restaurant and straight into a newly acquired car—one he stole from the parking lot. That, folks, is how you (do not) secure a job.


The car allegedly stolen by the job applicant, 30-year-old Courtney Cordell Wheat, was a Nissan 280Z, according to Texas news station KLTV. The owner left it running outside of the restaurant when he made a quick stop to get a meal left off of his order, and Wheat walked out of the restaurant as he walked in.

Throwing out a potential job for the dollar signs in his eyes, Wheat hopped in the running car. The owner, Brandon Jones, saw the car “just dip down” and knew someone was inside of it. KLTV reports that Jones ran outside and tried to break the car window with Wheat inside of it, but was unsuccessful. Jones said Taco Bueno manager attempted to follow the car, but couldn’t catch it.


Since Wheat finished filling out his job application just minutes before, police identified him almost immediately and notified enforcement to keep an eye out for the car. Duh, dude. You should have seen that one coming.

Police found Wheat and the Nissan at a Budget Inn, taking him to Gregg County Jail for unauthorized use of a vehicle. Rather than making a bland statement, a representative for the police department was rather bewildered. From KLTV:

“Who goes and applies for a job and then steals a car in the parking lot?” asked Roman Roberson with the Kilgore Police Department.

Whether or not the car theft was part of his original plan, it’s safe to say Wheat probably will not get the job. Unless he can somehow work from hom...jail.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Mike Groll, File

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Is Courtney a REALLY name that can be reasonably applied to both genders? And this is coming from a dude named Casey.