In Leicester, England, a very angry man hopped onto the hood of a Mercedes and started head-butting and generally beating the crap out of the windshield, The Telegraph reports. Naturally, onlookers got video of the man letting out all of his anger on the big slab of laminated safety glass.

Apparently, the enraged man caused all sorts of damage to a bunch of cars, as the Leicestershire Police told the The Telegraph that the guy was arrested after “reports of a number of vehicles being damaged.”

The video, posted to Twitter by Amy Woodfield, shows the guy sitting on the hood of what appears to be a Mercedes CLK convertible, yelling at the driver and issuing a thorough pounding to the windshield.


The Telegraph also claims the man head-butted the Merc, but the video doesn’t seem to explicitly show such triceratops-like behavior. Here’s a screengrab showing the most head-butt-like action in the video, and to me, it just looks like the man is getting his face up close to intimidate the driver.


Either way, like the windshield, the man clearly seems to have cracked at some point. He was arrested for “suspicion of criminal damage and assault” after a witness said he was “trying to break the windscreen of a car and cause damage to other vehicles in the road.”

The guy was taken to the hospital, though police still don’t know what prompted him to go ape-shit on that transparent sheet of silicon dioxide.