Guy Selling This Mega Truck Will Prove He's 'Not Compensating'

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Jokes about big truck owners having small wieners is old, guys. So old that the dude selling this (awesome, by the way) customized Chevy C60 has offered to "show you what he's got" just to put an end to the ridiculous stereotype. Doing the truck community a service, really.

This particularly heroic home-build is a 1981 Chevrolet C60 that reportedly retired from the Vancouver Highway Control fleet. Somebody slapped a Ram bed on it at some point, and it's now offered up on Craigslist for six grand. Seller claims the two-barrel carb'ed 350 V8 is good for 18 MPG.


Sounds... ambitious... but I'm scared to call him out as the last line in the ad warns:

any "opinions" about my truck should be kept to yourself.dont talk on email,say it to my not compensating for anything.ill show you what i got you city pussy.

I suppose it's not impossible? At the end of the day, I'll agree with whatever keeps the dicpics away from my inbox.

Now If we can move past the peen references, we really should talk about how whoever built this truck has got shit figured out. Why buy a brand-new pickup with some pathetic payload capacity when you could make something like this yourself and haul 6,000 pounds for less?!


Step 1: Buy a surplus cherry picker, box truck, or basically any "light" commercial vehicle. Two: remove everything aft of the cab and replace with a regular-ass pickup bed. Finally: put your neighbor's $60,000 Double Platinum Denali to shame for a tenth of the price!


I really do find this rig oddly alluring. It is a lot of capability for the money, and looking at it's like seeing a rolling caricature! You've gotta love the old-school simplicity of GM C/K truck interiors of this era, plus five-speed manual FTW.

Needs moar leaf spring tho.


Hat tip to Alexotics!

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