Guy Selling Methanol Injection System Online Gets Approached By Cop Who Thinks He's Selling Meth

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It’s odd, but I can think of at least two things you can bolt onto a car engine that, to non-gearheads, sure seem drug-related. Think nitrous systems, or, as in this case, methanol-injection systems, which gets abbreviated to “meth.” Maybe you see where this is headed.

Corey Gomez was using the LetGo app to sell a methanol injection kit for a Scion TC. He had a picture of the kit on his ad, a Snow Performance Water-Methanol Injection Kit. It looks like car parts, with wires and canisters and a modified air cleaner. See?


So, Corey gets a message from someone interested in the kit, and things immediately take a strange turn:


The “I’m a police officer/Don’t tell anyone” part is pretty strange, but Corey shrugs it off. He told me “I thought he was going to put it on the cruiser,” because Corey is good at imagining a glorious world where cops drive around in Scion TC cruisers they desperately and secretly want to hop up.

Then, things get more fun:


“I like meth”

I like how Corey’s response here is just “ahh.” I imagine in person that “ahh” would have been accompanied by some nodding and backwards walking, but I think online that’s implied. Corey goes on to clarify things next:


“Just car meth” is another strangely pleasing turn of phrase, but the cop isn’t done yet, asking if he’s selling a “meth kit.” Corey gives a nice succinct explanation of what a water-methanol injection setup does (cools down air in the air/fuel mixture for greater density, hence more power, sort of like a chemical turbocharger. Sort of. Maybe that’s a sloppy analogy).

And that’s it. Our virtual streets and e-marketplaces are once again safe, thanks to the ham-fisted, uninformed attention of someone that said they were a cop almost immediately.


So, uh, don’t do drugs, kids? I guess?