Some people really hate birds. One guy hated birds so much, he decided to record himself driving his car at some birds in a parking lot for Snapchat. It did not end well for him.


Here’s the tweet with the video, and the guy’s followup tweet sort-of explaining how it happened:


He literally curbed his enthusiasm.

The display gauges give away that this is probably a ninth-gen Honda Accord, which definitely is not intentionally engineered to mount parking lot curbs going 20 mph. Evidently the car survived, despite the horrible-sounding impact:

Still, nobody should be targeting birds with their car. I’ve seen the Hitchcock movie, and yeah, it was terrifying, but it wasn’t enough to enable this kind of seemingly-unprovoked attack.

Nobody should be driving while Snapchatting, or doing anything on the phone while driving, really. Nobody should expect their car to survive hitting a curb like that, either. I think our guy here just got lucky karma didn’t feel like messing him all the way up.


Maybe we’re asking the wrong questions. Maybe we should be asking what all of these birds were doing around this unassuming car in a parking lot so late.

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