Guy In Chevy Silverado Gets Crushed Between Two Rigs, Walks Away

Kaleb Whitby ended up on the wrong side of the Saturday morning pileup on Interstate 84, yet he managed to get out of his Chevy Silverado needing only 2 Band-Aids. His pickup seems to be goner.

The Oregonian reports that more than a hundred people were involved in the pileup on about 33 miles east of Baker City, with at least three separate collisions involving more than 20 vehicles injuring a dozen people, including one listed as critical.


Whitby himself couldn't see the semi from the fog, and the next time it appeared in front of him, it was jackknifed across the interstate. He ended up hitting the back end of the trailer, which flipped him around. His truck stalled and the next thing he saw were the headlights of an oncoming semi-truck...

H/T to David K! Photo credit: Sergi Karplyuk via the Oregonian

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