Guy Hilariously Cheers His Volvo Through Impossibly Deep Flood Water

Photo: Tavis Jimmy Simpson/Facebook
Photo: Tavis Jimmy Simpson/Facebook

Hurricane Matthew was a devastating storm, flooding entire communities and claiming the lives of hundreds. But amidst the chaos was a shining light named Tavis Jimmy Simpson, who graced the world with this hilarious video about a man and his beloved Volvo taking on the impossible.

Tavis and his friend drove through a deep flood in St. Paul, North Carolina shortly after Hurricane Matthew in an attempt to save some dogs. Listen to this brilliant commentary and watch an early 2000s Volvo S40 somehow make it through ridiculously deep water without hydrolocking:

Some highlights from the commentary:


Damn this shit deep!


Volvo is America’s number one German Car! And if we could get a lot of people to go, and buy Volvo, we would always be able to get through a flood storm— through anything!


Passenger to driver:

That way, where you can see the yellow line.

Driver’s response:

You can’t see the yellow line. Ain’t no yellow line!


Now look at this Ram truck over there. And look at that Ford Focus. They’re done! They’re through! They’re not gonna make it out here! But this Volvo is so tough, and so tough, and so durable! The water is up to the door, it’s coming in the back, but we’re still going, and we’re gonna make it...

Somehow, that little sedan conquered the flood. And as much as I can’t condone Tavis driving through that (“turn around, don’t drown,” they say), it’s the genuine love for that Volvo that has me smiling.

It seems that half the world is apathetic towards cars— just look at all the boring beigemobiles littering our roads. So anyone who actually cares that much about a machine that goes from A to B is cool in my book.


Here’s Tavis and friends hanging out on their trusty chariot after the ridiculous adventure:


h/t: Car Throttle

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So, as someone who has never drive through water/hasn’t looked into the hows and whats of what could happen... how in the hell did it not hydrolock when the water was over the hood? Where was this car getting air from?