Guy Crushes Boss' Benz With Massive Earthmover -- Is It Staged?

In a way, the internet has really robbed us all of our innocence. And not just from the weird, filthy things we know we shouldn't be watching at work — I mean our fundamental sense of trust. Years ago, if you showed me a Betamax tape of a guy crushing his boss' car, I'd have believed you. Maybe we'd hug. Nowadays, I'm just not sure.


This video has been around since mid last year, and purports to show a disgruntled employee driving over his boss' 2000-2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK coupé because he hadn't been paid. And it's certainly engaging to watch — the way the car keeps sliding back until the driver pins it down with the bucket, those massive tire chains abrading away the front of the car — but was this staged or did it happen?

It has a plausible-ish explanation of why it's being filmed, since some sort of interview was taking place right before. But where did this happen — what language are we hearing at the very beginning? I see a couple Land Rovers way in the background, but can't make out the plates.

Some YouTube commenters are speculating that the car has no engine, which may be the case, but let's keep in mind who those commenters are — one step above the flora in your colon. Also, with a vehicle of that size driving on the car, I think it's possible even an engine could get crushed small enough to fit in the wreckage.

So, I'm not entirely sure what to think.

One thing I do know is that Mercedes' Turn Indicator Durability Engineers sure as hell did their job well. Those guys should get a raise.

(via SpeedSociety)



I'll say it again, this is fake...but it DOES happen. I worked with a guy that worked in a mining site and he drove a 6 inch lifted f350 with huge antenna whips and lots of chrome. He wasn't a douchbag, he just wanted to make sure the big trucks saw it, unlike his previous Tacoma....