Gumball 3000 Organizers Answer Team Polizei With Their Own PR Salvo

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The folks running the sticky and gooey road rally are firing back at Team Polizei after they were taken to task over the lack of information provided to the rally participants about the deadly crash in Macedonia. Team Polizei claimed they received no information on the crash at a team meeting the next morning despite rumors swirling of just such an incident. The key note here would be that The G-Ball 3000 leadership doesn't refute the comments made by T.P. — instead merely stating that they waited until Macedonian authorities "confirmed clear details of events and confirmation of the fatality that occurred several hours after the accident on Thursday 3rd May." Considering our own contacts with Macedonian authorities indicate the man reportedly died on the scene, we're confused as to what they mean by that. Also — by singling out Roy and Ross of Team Polizei in the release it seems more like they're lashing out at anyone who's available rather than actually "managing this difficult situation" as is suggested. [Hat tip to Oliver and JF!]

The organisers wish to confirm that the facts of the incident were not withheld from the participants; as soon as the Macedonian Authorities confirmed clear details of events and confirmation of the fatality that occurred several hours after the accident on Thursday 3rd May the organisers cancelled the event without hesitation and issued an official statement at the earliest possible time.

The organisers are disappointed at rally participants Mr. A. Roy and Mr. M. Ross's blatant self promotion at a time when all efforts are being made by Gumball 3000 to manage this difficult situation.

The press release issued today by Mr. Roy and Mr. Ross promoting themselves as 'winners' of the event is misleading and Gumball 3000 wishes to make it clear that there is no recognition for finishing first and no 'winner' is recorded.

Maximillion Cooper and his team are further saddened at their request for the organiser's resignation and their complaints about the 'professionalism' of other participants.

"As the organiser and founder of the event I feel the timing of this press release to be in particular bad taste. The selection process of participants is designed to be fair and without discrimination. In the events 9-year history over 6 million road miles have been driven by 2000 participating cars without any previous accidents of this nature; proof alone that I and the rest of the organisers do everything within our power to ensure safety during the Rally. In the future we will work even more closely with the authorities in each country the event travels through to ensure the safety and success of the event moving forward."

Gumball organisers are in close communication with the Macedonian authorities and are doing all they can to assist the family in way at this time.



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