Guest Editor Dave Thomas Makes Time With A Volvo C70

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When I scheduled the Volvo C70 for a week of testing I was expecting a vehicle that, as a man, I'd be ashamed to be seen in. You know, like a Mini Convertible (just kidding!). Instead, I've actually been converted to the simple styling of the hard-top drop-top. With the roof up, it's actually quite an attractive coupe and from the front it almost looks...muscular? That can't be the right adjective can it? Let me check the thesaurus. Yep, that's right, it is indeed muscular.

I haven't been able to take the car for top-down driving yet because it hasn't stopped raining here in Chicago. But perhaps my attitudes will shift backwards to embarrassment when I put it down and let the wind rip through my hair like those aging dudes in the suburbs that have given up caring about appearances. Who wants to get that old?

As for the performance aspects, the C70 drives almost exactly like its siblings in the Volvo family. Nothing is as tuned in as it could be and the tester only has 255 miles on it. That's not a good sign. Pedal and steering feel is vague and i've discovered the worst hesitation off the line imaginable. But the people that actually buy this car aren't interested in 0-60 times and the like. They'll take due note of the smooth ride and the fact that with the roof up the C70 is almost as quiet as a standard coupe. Not too shabby for a chick car.