Gross But Impressive: Watch A Grandpa Drive An Audi Into 12,000 Liters Of Coca-Cola

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If you’re going to all the effort to make the biggest pool of Coca-Cola you’ve ever seen, why not jump a car into it? Hold my Coke, and watch this.

YouTuber Go Huge’s grandpa also apparently also watches a lot of YouTube, and saw the gross phenomenon of people filling pools up with Coca-Cola. So, he dug a larger hole to outdo them all. 12,000 liters of Coke were going in this hole. According to a previous video, he spent 8,000 Euros (approximately $8,892) on the project.

How do you one-up the already terrible idea of filling a pool full of Coke? Don a helmet (safety third!) and drive a car into it, duh.

It looks like it might hurt, so we don’t recommend anyone try this ever, but the big splash at the end is a nice payoff.


We even get to see the car retrieved from the pool of syrupy sludge.

It doesn’t look so good. Poor Audi.

[via  CarScoops]