Grisly Video Of Fatal Lamborghini Street Racing Crash Reminds Us Not To Street Race

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There’s a video of the aftermath of a street race between a Lamborghini and a Ferrari going viral on Facebook now, and it’s about as stark and grim a reminder of the dangers of street racing as you can get. So, you’re warned: the video below, while not strictly bloody, is very disturbing, and has what appears to be a dead body in it.

Here’s the video, if you’d like to see it, on Tje Oek’s Facebook page. Another video is available here.

It’s going viral, but it’s going viral without much context as to what really happened here. And the story behind it is that this was a street racing crash, and street racing kills.

The wreck happened in Surabaya, East Java, when the Lamborghini apparently lost control and drove through an off-road area with a street vendor, crashing into three people before crashing into a tree.

According to The Jakarta Post, two of the victims were a couple, 51 and 41 years old, and the other person was a 41-year-old waiter at a vendor’s stand. The waiter was dragged under the Lamborghini and killed; the couple both sustained injuries, the 51- year old man’s more serious, the newspaper reports.

The driver of the Laborghini, 24-year-old Wiyang Lautner, who you can see in the video leaning out the window of his smoking and wrecked Lambo while texting, is currently in custody at the at Dukuh Kupang police station.

The Ferrari and its driver have not yet been accounted for.

So why are we showing you these very unpleasant videos? Because as much fun as it is to drive fast, doing so in the wrong places, like in a busy public street, ends up in actual, miserable, deadly disasters like this far too often.

Don’t do it. Go to a track. You’ll have much more fun and you’ll spare us all from scenes of miserable, chaotic carnage like this.

Be safe out there.

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