Greyhound bus shoots load of bull semen all over interstate

Drivers over an on-ramp to I-65 just south of downtown Nashville called police after smelling an extremely foul odor wafting into their cars around 6 a.m. today. When police and fire officials arrived, they discovered four unmarked, steaming canisters on the ground — and an unpleasant odor wafting from them. What was it?

Immediately concerned that whatever substance inside might be toxic, they shut down the on-ramp and called in local HAZMAT crews.


Luckily, officials found Greyhound bus tickets strewn around the canister and after a quick call to Greyhound to speak with the driver of the bus, local police determined the canisters were filled with vials of frozen bull sperm packed in dry ice. Yes, that's right, bull sperm.

Why the owner of the — reportedly — $30,000 to $40,000 worth of bull semen would send it by Greyhound versus, you know, UPS or FedEx is beyond me.


But what I do now know is that this means that if you're traveling on a Greyhound bus, there's a chance your luggage is being stored next to giant canisters of bull semen. Good to know.

And it's yet another reason I will never ride on a Greyhound bus. Ever.

(Hat tip to Zootietoo!)

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