Greedy Flippers Are Already Trying To Make A Quick Buck On Hummer EVs

Those looking to make a good chunk of cash have already got their hands on the over-the-top EV.

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You had to see it coming — you just didn’t know when right it would happen, right? But it’s finally starting. Flippers have got their greedy paws on the Hummer EV, and one flipper is asking for a price that’s as absurd as the truck itself.

I found this particular Hummer on Wholesale Car Club. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a private club on Facebook that’s essentially a marketplace for buyers and sellers. It’s a really great place to go to if you’re a car dealer or are looking for something high-end. Just don’t go looking for a deal. The group’s moderators make sure to point out that wholesale is just in the name:

This is the “Wholesale Car Club” and while we can’t all agree exactly what Wholesale is we know it isn’t “Retail.” Cars priced aggressively in here will sell. Cars priced at retail will not. We all have the internet and can see retail pricing. Price your car more aggressive than retail comparisons and you have a much better shot to get your car sold quickly and without a lot of brain damage usually associated with selling your car.


While some serious transactions take place here, you still come across some posts that you get a laugh out of because it’s just plain greed. Like the owner of this Hummer EV Edition 1. Now the MSRP for the Edition 1 was $110,295. All are accounted for as well, creating perfect conditions for flippers to capitalize on those that want a Hummer EV now.

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He’s asking nearly triple the MSRP for his Hummer EV: $310,000. Naturally, people in the comments are taking him apart, as they should be because this is a dumbass price. But one exchange in the comments summed this whole thing up perfectly:

So that is the new thing? People trying to make 200k profit for what reason? 😂😂😂😂

Because they can. Inflation.

It’s not inflation. That’s not what this is. This is just people accepting paying ridiculous amounts over MSRP to get a car right now instead of in a year. You can probably order for MSRP right now and wait.


And that’s exactly what this is playing on, someone rich, impatient, and ostentatious. What’s worse is that while we all laugh at this price, someone out there right now is probably getting their wire transfer information together to pay for this thing.