Great Moments in Stupidity: Kid Mods Car Into Cruiser, Pulls Over Cop

We don't know what kind of car 17-year-old David Leib used to recreate a police cruiser, but the safe bet is on a Crown Vic. We also don't know what the young lad was thinking when he decided to turn on the cherries and attempt his first traffic stop outside of Moline, Illinois. We do know the off duty police deputy he was attempting to pull over found it a little off and dialed the real cops to check things out. Needless to say, things ended with David in cuffs himself. This could have been the dumbest thing this chap had ever done, but if he was enterprising enough to build the replica without his parents putting the smack down, it's a safe bet he was a sneaky little bastard to begin with.

Whatever the intent was, he's certainly going to be dealing with the ramifications now. Leib will be facing two felonies in grown up Illinois court for his foolishness - Impersonating an officer, and having red, white and blue oscillating lights on his private use vehicle. We can think of at least a dozen things we were far more interested in when 17, and none of them involved being a fake police officer. [via QCTimes]


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