A limited edition of 50 of the Bluebird DC50 electric sports car (above) will be built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Donald Campbell's land and water speed records. And what better match for it than the Bluebird GTL electric race car designed for the forthcoming FIA Formula E series?

Don Wales is the grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell and nephew of Donald Campbell, two names meaning speed in more than one language. Therefore, the DC50 will come with a peak power output of 360 horsepower and electrically operated scissor doors for the authentic supercar feeling. The only body color will be Bluebird blue.

The Bluebird GTL electric race car on the other hand is Bluebird's concept for an all-electric global race series due to start in 2014. Both cars will be launched at the Sustainable MotoExpo on Saturday 28 September 2013 in the National Motor Museum Beaulieu.

The museum is home to the Campbell's collection which includes the 350hp Sunbeam Malcolm Campbell bought and renamed Bluebird to break the 150mph barrier in 1925, Major Henry Segrave's 1,000hp Sunbeam of 1927 and his Golden Arrow of 1929 and the Bluebird, the car in which Donald Campbell set a World Land Speed Record of 403.10mph/648.73kph on 17 July 1964.


Photo credit: Bluebird and Getty Images