Grandmother Gets Four Speeding Tickets In Three Hours

Hey, weren't we just talking about traffic cops? The cops in Minnesota really seem to have it in for 49-year-old grandmother Lorretta Lacy, who got nailed with four speeding tickets in about three hours recently, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.


Or maybe she brought it all on herself. The police say that Lacy, a South Dakota resident, was clocked at 112 mph in her 1999 Chrysler LHS around 1 p.m. last Friday. When they pulled her over, she had no proof of insurance and a very small amount of pot in the car, which was confiscated. (So many things wrong here. Helpful crime tip, people: Don't have drugs in your car. And if you do, go the speed limit and don't keep your stash in plain sight. Also, never consent to a search. This is stuff every public school kid in America knows by the time they're 15.)

Lacy got ticketed again about 20 minutes later, this time for going 99 mph, and then an hour after that for going 88 mph. Just before 5 p.m. she got her final ticket, this time for doing 88 mph.

Jeez. I once got three tickets in the same year and I felt like I was worse than Pol Pot.

Lacy's excuse for going so fast? She was trying to get to her granddaughter's middle school dance, which she did not do because of all the traffic stops.


The Star-Tribune reached Lacy's daughter, who said she wasn't sure if her mom had a problem with speeding, but did say "I know she can make it from A to B faster than probably the average person."

Well, clearly.

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