Gran Turismo 5: Open Thread

Like many, we got our hands on GT5 today. While we're putting together our "first drive" review (we need at least 24 hours of playing time first), give us your thoughts below. Oh yeah, and here's the car list again.


And yes, that's a Miura. Actually, it's not just any Miura. It's the Bertone prototype P400. Anyone got a good lotus blossom haiku?

Also, anyone else annoyed by the automatic 133 MB update we needed to the game as soon as we popped it in the PS3 tray? Just sayin'...

Also, also, we just found out there's a tilt-shift photography mode (Hat tip to Forgetful!). Because, you know, the cinquecento could totally look smaller. Actually, it can. Here:


Now, enough about us. Leave your comments to help your fellow gamers wade through this "new" automotive video game universe.

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