Gran Turismo 5: Open Thread

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Like many, we got our hands on GT5 today. While we're putting together our "first drive" review (we need at least 24 hours of playing time first), give us your thoughts below. Oh yeah, and here's the car list again.

And yes, that's a Miura. Actually, it's not just any Miura. It's the Bertone prototype P400. Anyone got a good lotus blossom haiku?


Also, anyone else annoyed by the automatic 133 MB update we needed to the game as soon as we popped it in the PS3 tray? Just sayin'...

Also, also, we just found out there's a tilt-shift photography mode (Hat tip to Forgetful!). Because, you know, the cinquecento could totally look smaller. Actually, it can. Here:

Illustration for article titled Gran Turismo 5: Open Thread

Now, enough about us. Leave your comments to help your fellow gamers wade through this "new" automotive video game universe.

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Like other suckers I went and got it on release day. My initial impressions:

1) Insanely long install time. The stupid thing actually reported 14 minutes remaining for about 30+ minutes. The remaining 55 seconds took another 5+ minutes. Even after the full install there's an annoying wait between menus and racing.

3) The premium cars look great, but nowhere near as impressive as the touched up screenshots that have been distributed online. Standard cars are a bit of a letdown.

4) Noticed some texture pop and odd artifacts. Shadows look absolutely atrocious, especially on tracks with more foliage. Very amateurish. Tracks aren't that impressive visually, but they do the job.

5) Noticed no damage. Apparently this is a feature that's unlocked.

6) Nürburgring not available in arcade. I guess that's something else to be unlocked.

8) Some cars are more impressive, aurally, than others. The rally cars, the Focus and Citroen just don't sound right, they seem to lack something. But some tuner version of the Audi TT sounds quite impressive.

9) Driving physics improved and feel more convincing. Collisions with walls are totally unnatural. Collisions with other cars also odd. Hits tend to result in my car spinning out and the computer maintaining a perfect line.

10) Menus, just like in Prologue, are a cumbersome pain in the ass to navigate.

I can't deny having tons of cars is appealing. And the game is considerably more fun than Prologue. At the same time it's still got nagging issues. I fail to see where 6 years worth of effort went into this game. Forza 3 feels more fun and impressive right from the start, at least in terms of conveying the thrill of driving.

But obviously I haven't played too long. I do admit speeding down the long straights of night city in a Zonda versus my friend's stock car is pretty damn fun. The stock car was faster.