If you're ready for an Android-powered infotainment system, the wait is almost over. At next week's Google developers conference, The Big G will show off an auto-focused version of its mobile OS in the first real bid to compete with Apple's CarPlay system.

Everything you'd want while driving – maps, music, voice-controlled messaging, etc. – will be accessible on the car's built-in touchscreen. The system will function similar to CarPlay, with your Android-powered smartphone mirroring an auto-friendly user interface to the dash.


There's sure to be lots of voice integration, with Google Now playing a prominent role in surfacing important information, including travel times, points-of-interest, and whatever else you've fed into the Google Bots.

According to Automotive News, the system is internally named Google Auto Link.

Earlier this year, Google announced its play for the dashboard with the formation of the Open Automotive Alliance. The consortium led by Google joins chipmaker NVIDIA with Audi, GM, Honda, and Hyundai, "that share a vision for making technology in the car safer, more seamless and more intuitive for everyone."

But Auto Link won't be on the only auto-centric thing to debut at Google I/O. Wearables will be front-and-center, and OnStar could bring a dedicated app for Android Wear that allows you to lock and unlock the doors and remotely stop/start your engine. It's similar to the app GM is showing for the Galaxy Gear 2 (demo'd below), but with Android Wear, people might actually use it.

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