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We Yanks are largely unaware that in 1995 Jeremy Clarkson hosted a 12-episode series called "Jeremy Clarkson s Motorworld," one portion of which focused on Detroit. In this episode โ€” courtesy of Google Video (aka, Lord Everythinge Goode) โ€” Clarkson attempts to translate the Motor City into, well, English, attending a Telegraph Road drag race, riding in a Caddy with Bob Seger and lamenting the good old days. Well, not exactly lamenting as backhandedly romanticizing (no mean feat). "Cars like this could only have come from a people with an ego the size of Alaska," he says, from behind the wheel of a Stingray convertible. He also points out the shortcomings of Detroit's finest of the late-1970s by singling out the suspension of a 1979 Lincoln Town Car.

If you could imagine sharing a waterbed with a baboon that's just been doused in itching powder, then and only then, can you begin to get the picture...And then there's the brakes. Blow on the pedals and the front wheels lock up. The throttle needs more effort โ€” a lot more. But that's okay because the safe top speed of this car is four.

He also calls the Mustang, "all mouth and no trousers." Ultimately, though, he declares his love for the city, declaring US automakers back on course. Good, old Clarkson. [Thanks to Arun for the tip.]

Motorworld - Detroit [via Google Video]

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