Google Street View Camera Car Falls Into A Ravine

Apparently, Google is committed to showing you everything it can on Street View — including the bottom of a ravine its camera car can't escape from.


This YouTube video shows a camera-equipped Opel Astra hatchback that went way off the rails and down a rocky hill in what is reportedly northern India. Adding insult to injury, some unidentified fellow then throws rocks at the poor car.

More photos here, here and here clearly show the car's trashed front end and Google logo on the door, though no one appears hurt.


Got any information about what really happened here? Let us know in the comments.

(H/T Carscoop; Thanks for the tip m2m, predator of apices!)

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It would probably be difficult to dissuade someone from damaging an already damaged car on moral grounds (I mean, it's already totalled), but I fail to see the motivation for doing such a thing. What sense of accomplishment can one gain from such an act? All it does is serve as video proof that this guy is probably an asshat.