Google Exec Proves His Identity On Car Forum In Most Hilarious Way Possible

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Benjamin Sloss Treynor is the Vice President of Engineering at Google. He's smart. He's rich. And he loves cars.

He's also very active on car forums, where he has garnered equal amounts of reverence for and doubt of his wealth. So when a forum member asked him to prove he owns a Raptor, a 458 Italia, and a McLaren 12C Spyder by taking pictures of them with pieces of bread, Treynor was more than happy to oblige.


We were told the Treynor has been called into question in the past, and has responded by posting a picture of his kid holding a sign that has the name of the SVT Performance forum where he posts under the username Treynor. Ford_racer's call for proof by putting bread in the photos was more of a joke than serious.

Thankfully, Treynor has a sense of humor about himself and complied to the request... and then some.

On his Ford Raptor, he out a nice hearty loaf of New York Rye Bread.


On the Ferrari 458, he went Italian bread to complement the Italian leather.


And finally, on the McLaren 12C Spyder, nothing goes with an English car like English crumpets.


This is so much win in so many ways. First, Treynor has awesome taste in cars. Secondly, he obviously has a sense of humor about himself because he's posting pictures of bread on supercars. More evidence of that humor is available in his Google+ profile picture.

Treynor is also the same Google exec who won the auction for a Ferrari 599XX Evo that was being sold to benefit victims of the Italian earthquake.


(Hat Tip to Kyle!)

Photo Credits: Benjamin Treynor via SVTPerformance