Google Accidentally Makes An Awesome Simpsons Reference

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James Glickenhaus, the Ferrari collector behind hits such as the P4/5 and P4/5 Competizione, used to direct films. We assume it was to feed his car loving habits.

But a Google search for Glickenhaus' 1991 action film McBain leads you to believe that he directed a 1991 Simpsons action film, which he certainly did not.

In 1991, Glickenhaus released the action feature starring Christopher Walken as the title character. In their review, the LA Times said that McBain "presents quite deftly a challenge to America to live up to its moral responsibilities to Colombia."


Doesn't really sound very Simpson-y.

Coincidentally (or not), McBain is none other than the main action hero of The Simpsons' movie universe. Played by Rainier Wolfcastle, McBain takes to the skies to fight Commie Nazis and goes after drug lords, like the evil Senator Mendoza, for pushing a drug called Swank (it's 10 times more addictive than Marijuana!) on the youth of America.

It looks like Google's algorithm's need a little tweaking or someone has screwed around with the images.

We told Jim about the mix-up, to which he gave a typically deadpan response:

Interesting, although I'm not sure it looks like Chris Walken...

Either way, we now want a full length Simpsons/McBain movie. Maybe Jim could be attached to direct?


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Hat tip to Brannigan's Law for catching this first!

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Perhaps you are all homosexuals!