Good Afternoon. This Audi R8 Was Turned Into A Freaking Flamethrower.

It’s not easy to get a car to spit hot fire. It’s especially not easy when that car is an Audi R8, that paragon of Teutonic efficiency. But one way you can get it really cooking is by dumping an extra 775 horsepower into the beast, to make a 1,300 horsepower flame-spewing hellbeast from the deepest pit of Hades.

This little nutjob is brought to you by AMS, the same coven of witchcraft that built the 1,250-wheel-horsepower Alpha Omega GT-R that went sideways at 233 miles per hour. So if you had any doubts that these people have a serious adrenal deficiency, please be disabused of that notion.


Here’s how they did it, according to the Youtube description:

Here is a little project AMS has been working on for a while. This is a 2015 Audi R8 V10 with their prototype ALPHA Twin Turbo System using Garrett GTX Technology. The 2015 model carries the new DCT transmission (the same transmission found on the Lamborghini Huracan) which made this R8 V10 the perfect candidate for our next project. With intentions of competing at top level roll race events, this is a completely different design than our 1000HP Alpha 10 Audi R8 Performance Package. As of now, they have just started seeing the HP side of things, but even at 1300+whp it’s already a monster of a car!

This is one of those rare moments when “monster of a car” is actually an understatement. Most of the time, when someone tells you a car is a “monster,” the person telling you that is the sweaty guy in his mid-50s with too much body hair who always wears tank tops that lives down the block from you droning on about the good old days when he had his DeTomaso Pantera.

This car is not that guy. This car will claw your eyes out.

With FIRE.

H/t to Autoevolution!

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