Goggomobils were among the most popular of the variety of odd little vehicles built during the German microcar craze of the 50s and early 60s. While we would like to attribute this popularity to the fact they were sold with one of the coolest names ever given to an automobile, something tells us it took more than that to sell the 214,313 Goggo sedans built between 1955 and 1969.

Despite the fact so many were built, and knowing that Goggomobils were at one time officially imported to the US we're always amazed at how impossible it is to locate one in this country. Of the handful of Goggomobil sedans that are to be found in the US, we'd be willing to bet few are as nice as this well-kept 1960 T300 and matching travel trailer currently listed on Ebay.

The 300 in the cars model name means this Goggo was one of 174,548 cars that left the factory with a 300cc 15 horsepower engine. If this seems woefully inadequate compared to modern vehicles, especially with a trailer in tow, it's because it is—the T300 was capable of a less than impressive 53mph top speed for anyone who dared.

When they were built however, its meager top speed was still acceptable and the Goggomobil's low price and fuel thriftiness made it a popular choice in parts of Europe and Australia. Another contributor to the Goggo popularity was the more conventional design which can make the car appear larger than it actually is.

We've only laid eyes on a Goggomobil once, but we can promise you they are truly tiny. It was advertised as a four passenger as long as the four were two cramped adults and two unhappy/small children. If you decided to bring anything with you it wouldn't fit, which is where the trailer becomes a neccessity.


Although it is certainly impractical and arguably underpowered, there are very few small cars on earth we'd rather go low speed cruising in than this pristine T300 (it's radial powered bastard-cousin is unquestionably on the list). After years of desiring and searching for a Goggomobil sedan to perform a bike-engine swap from hell on, we've only been able to find a few mint examples like this one or completely destroyed cars that are teetering on the line of too far gone.

It might not be right for our purposes, but this very nice T300 will certainly be an ideal mini-cruiser in stock form for someone. Bidding is already up to $5750 with over 4 days left on the auction. Anyone who wants a nice example of one of these rare cars will have to seize the opportunity to purchase this one because as we've unfortunately found out, it could be quite a while until another examples of the ideal Goggomobil comes along.