Go Muddin' With This Craigslist Monster Truck

Photos: Craigslist

I have a lot of bad ideas. Quite a few of them involve buying an ill-advised vehicle of some sort on Craigslist and thrashing it around like I’m in a nightmare version of an off-road rallying competition.

Buying a beater for $300 and then drifting it in the mall parking lot near Kevin’s house until something breaks is fun. But, what if you want something a little more rugged and “professional?” Luckily, some hero in Mount Airy, Maryland listed his “Bad Ass Mudding Machine Race Truck(!)” on Craigslist.


For only $47,000, you can discover your inner Gravedigger with a purple lighting clad mud warrior. Nerds in Ford SVT Raptors have nothing on an honest-to-God race truck. The seller even uploaded pictures of this exact truck going muddin’.

This truck is perfect for anyone that has a really hard time saying “no” to things and has quite a lot of disposable income. For $47K, you get a 1951 Chevy 3100 fiberglass shell, a Chevy 540 big block, and all the truck that goes with it. It even comes with three sets of tires.


The seller notes that the truck has never been wrecked and it does actually look fairly well sorted out and clean. Plus, according to the seller, it only weighs around 2900 lbs. That’s less than my Camry.

I’m sure there are cheaper options for giant race trucks but do they have purple lightning bolts on the side and are they Bad Ass Mudding Machines?

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