Go Behind The Scenes Of Bentley's First 24 Hour Race In A Decade At Spa

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I love the Bentley Continental GT3, and Bentley just released a video packed with stunning shots of it fighting the pack at the Spa 24 for a whole day. My eyeballs are happy.

I guess the Continental GT3 reminds me of the old Jaguar XJ-S TWR and the Aston Martin AMV8. Those were not bad back in the day, but this giant Bentley is much faster than I ever imagined, not to mention it's actually reliable.


Bentley hasn't done a 24 hour race since winning Le Mans in 2003 with the Speed 8 prototype, and while they couldn't stand on the podium this time at Spa, finishing the race with both cars in the top twenty is not a bad return to endurance racing.

Needless to say, I like the Continental GT3 covered in 24 hours worth of track dirt even more.

H/T to Goodwood!

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Clay Moore

Could we get a Wallpaper size of that top photo ?