Go Back In Time With The Incredible Ford Sierra RS and Escort Cosworth

Some of the greatest performance cars are born when engineers take plain old ordinary family cars and suit them up for racing duty. Two of Ford's offerings from the 80s and 90s, the Sierra RS Cosworth and Escort Cosworth, illustrate this point better than almost anything else.

Using some great synthpop jams and faux-VHS camerawork, this latest video from our pals at XCAR takes us back in time to revisit two of the best machines developed in the Reagan-Thatcher/"Greed is Good"/Phil Collins era of motorsports.

Built for touring car racing as well as the street, the Sierra RS Cosworth was a giant-slayer, a kickass turbocharged performance machine with a signature massive wing. As Alex Goy says in the video, you could see the racing version win on TV and buy one for yourself. It remains "hot hatch quick" today.


Its successor was the rally focused Escort Cosworth, which was developed in the late 80s but sold in the early 90s. It featured all-wheel drive, more delicious turbocharged power, and yet another ridiculously great wing. You could delete that spoiler, but why would you want to?

Both were born from cars your parents probably owned if you grew up in the UK, but they show how wonderful things can be when you add a ton of boost.

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