GM's Cars Of Future Past

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The concept cars we see are just a sliver of the creative ideas auto designers bring to life. Here's an exclusive glimpse at the discards of their creative genius — General Motors concept cars that never happened. And never will.


I love auto designers. Not always their final product, per se, but the designers themselves. GM, especially. In recent years, thanks to the Carpocalypse, they've cut a lot of the chaff off the wheat while still maintaining some extraordinarily creative ideas. A perfect example is their LA design studio. Last night we were treated to a rarity — a glimpse at the designs of General Motors that won't ever happen.

You see, the concept and production cars we see are a mere sliver of what auto designers actually toss out as possibilities for our vehicular future. We got a chance to see some of what gets tossed aside — and they represent some truly breathtaking looks at vehicles we never got to see even make it beyond the styling buck or computer rendering phase.

First up are these Cadillac styling bucks that show every variation under the Art & Science sun. There's even an Acura-like Cadillac beak in there. Additionally, there's a quick look at what the future of the Escalade might have looked like — if they hadn't built the SRX.

Next up is a full-size Chevelle styling buck that never made it off the wall. Check out the very Camaro-esque front — and the very-Corvette like rear lights in a recessed rear liftgate.

And finally, here's a Pontiac front end that ditched much of the arrowhead — and obviously, with the brand dead and gone, that'll never see the light of day.

The best car designs are those that provide a glimpse at both the designers themselves and provoke a reaction in the viewer. What do we think these designs say about their designers? What do they say about us?


Fred Smith

build. the. fucking. chevelle.


use the CTS-V coupe platform, it shouldn't be too hard to create.